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Basel, Switzerland

Trip date: June 12, 2017 Basel is a small city in Switzerland right at the intersection of Germany, France and Switzerland. I just too a day trip from Freiburg and the city is beautiful. It is known for fine arts shows apparently even though I have not check them out. My friend Thomas Thummann is from this city and based on his accent I can relate to them. The prices in the city is comparatively expensive to that other parts of Germany. People are nice and the Rhine river flows throw the city. Its completely relaxing to sit beside the Rhine river and have some lunch or drinks and watch the city. You can also see the oldest church from the other side of the river.

City center just like other cities of Europe is full of administrative buildings and also happening place. I had lunch overlooking at this center with some old Swiss couple.

There are two major churches and they are kept clean:

Basel is also known for Bank of International Settlement, BIS which i think just like other central banks needs to be burned down.

As you walk along the bridge you can see lot of locks are kept to the fence of the bridge and some junctions. Have no clue what this means.

Some king statue in the city. Pretty quiet place. I rarely notice people in the buildings, wonder who lives in these buildings and what its like.

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