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Country Worth Defending


It does not matter what type of governance you name it like democracy, socialism, communism, etc or which group of people rule over me however, if the following is maintained I would have no objection to any such shape or form of governance. If you understand the general tone of this article, the role of government is greatly reduced.

I strongly believe that India would advance much further if it adheres to these rules.

Great reduction of Taxes

A citizen of a country cannot be taxed in any shape or form. The question arises so how does the governmental institutions function. To address that country earns money by imposing taxes on imported/exported goods. This makes sense because the external goods/services are competing with regional markets so its unfair for the region similarly vice-versa. Since taxes collected are very less hence this revenue is used to build crucial elements of the country like national highways, other main roads, defense, premier educational institutions, railways, dams, etc.

By this one can elimnate public sector institutions like hospitals, schools, etc hence less corruption and inefficient people in these sectors. Especially this is seen in India and other countries where public sector professionals are highly unproductive and the only reason they are in their jobs because they are not fired or they get lot of perks and vote the parties favoring them.

Everything is privatized by local small enterprises which compete each other to drive the price down. Local street roads are maintained by the people living in that area since they are the most common people who use those roads. Everything is localized hence other communities are not affected.

No property, inheritence or sales taxes.

Voluntary taxation - In situations where local areas or even at national levels needs money then a voluntary way of collecting taxes should be maintained so that people can contribute funds for that cause. There should not be any enforcement of such taxation.

Freedom of speech

It is the right of an individual to express his opinion. However, in the current world people are not allowed to speak against certain groups like women or SCs/STs or Muslims or minorities or farmers or LGBTQs etc. This is basically abandoning the reason and catering to the subjective aspects without looking at the facts. Also there is active restriction of freedom of speech from social media companies and private companies these days effectively banning any opposition. This sets a dangerous precedent and thus coming to almost dangerous conclusions. Public nor Private sector should never filter any speech, it is up to the people who if they like the idea can either listen or avoid to listen. However, public or private sectors should not be held responsible if people disagrees as its their choice not to adhere to these ideas.

A legal department cannot in any shape or form ban a freedom of speech whether its true or false. As a legal system works out of limited knowledge or can be corrupt so banning freedom of speech of the opposite view is difficult to change people perception. It is up to the people to descren the truth knowing the facts both legally and independent research. Eventually, in long term people adhere to truth than brainwashing through legal, education or media.

Right to own weapons

It is a fundamental right of a human being to guard himself against other adversaries including the state. Unfortunately people have given up freedom at the sake of safety but neither is achieved. Again cases are given of US where there are gun deaths however, in Canada per capita ownership of guns are far more than US however, least death rate by use of guns. Wherever certain groups are not healthy based on economically or emotionally they tend to prone to violence and has nothing to do with guns. Just because someone has a gun doesnt mean he will kill someone or the chances are more, it is just a moot point. Society needs to solve the cause of the problem rather than dealing with the symptom or consequences.

Reduction of public education or health systems

Public education system just like any other systems becomes a burden to society as it grows becomes self perpetuating enterprise. Majority of the times the things that are learned in college are pretty useless and/or forgotten and/or relevant to the current times. More on the subject can be read here.

Reduction of public sector institutions - this is just a consequence of collecting reduced taxes hence reduces the need of such institutions thus eliminating inefficient systems and people.

No government schemes/subsidies/loans

In the name of safeguarding citizens lives. This leads to corruption and making people less responsible and lazy. Based on environment people have to change themselves instead of relying government to solve their problems. This is the only way to ensure stronger and virtuous societies. Right now in India sections like farmers, SC/STs, Yadavs, etc are given advantage over others by providing loans, cheap electricity, minimum price for their goods, etc by incurring taxes on other private sector. Due to this these sections are highly unproductive and hence fail to compete in free markets. They also feel its their right to have such rules at the expense of other private sector without realizing the implications.


People who only served in the military for 5 years are eligible for voting. A person who is not prepared to sacrifice his/her life has no right to vote. This eliminates all the socialistic, emotional and weaker sections of the population to perpetuate selfish interests like caste or race or gender based politics. Lot of these weaker and unworthy people feels its their right to vote just because they are born, a right is a responsibility not a charity.

No parties, local leaders are elected after 5 years of top military personal and another 10 years of social work, after that they are eligible to be leader. All such local leaders who get elected forms the assembly. Since military are highly disciplined at least they are not swayed at the emotions of the people or act irrationally under stress.

Laws Reduction

A stable country can only be established when there are as few laws as possible.

No patent laws - An innovation is the result of lot of work done by their predecessors. Hence credit cannot be given just only to individual or a company. Patent laws inhibits technical advancement and stifle innovation so there is no need of such laws.

No drug laws - it was told that drugs are bad for health and hence ban on weed and other drugs. However, the actual problem was these laws are created by pharma companies so that people cannot solve their own health problems. Also government tried to act safety mechanism from irresponsible people as they abuse the drugs. Again, this percentage is very small and little to no significant impact on the population. If a certain thing is detremental humans over time reaslize the affects of it and avoid them. The only reason cigarattes are allowed and not drugs is because there are companies that are lobbying it hence no need so such laws.

No harassment laws - this laws are also emotional and subjective and hence make people weaker. There is enough evidence that lot of false rape/harrassment cases are filed to ruin someones else life/career. A person always comes up stronger by overcoming these emotional elements.

* Any sort of emotional action by person or group of people like lynching will enforce hard punishments on that group and also the person which the group acted on behalf.

* With no direct evidence there is no need of trial or legal proceedings.

No marriage/divorce laws- People are free to provide as many partners as they can afford. This leads to a successful individuals can afford more partners. Initially there could be unfair treatment by partners abandoning however, is history is of any lesson over time, people will be very careful in choosing the right partners. Marriage/divorce laws will be biased with emotional aspects and overtime socialistic elements takes over and lawyers just form another group of business minded people serving for their own cause instead of justice. This is the leading indicator of high divorce rates and low birth rates in lot of countries.

If there are divorce laws, an individual's property should not be shared with the partner on divorce and whoever wants the child's custoday is made responsible for maintaing the child.

No Reservation system

Groups are pit against each other by favoring one group of people with respect to other people based on gender or caste or religion. Especially this is rampant in India. For example women are given unfair advantage of reservation in education, transportation and these days even in private sector. Because of this now women feel its their right and have sense of entitlement that they earned to somehow. Same goes to SC/STs in education and public sector based on past unfairness. However, if one look at the long term affects, all these schemes produced negative outcomes with less efficient people.

If a group thinks they are treated unfairly the only way to solve such problem is to work hard and smart and fight for their betterment by using their labor, intelligent and resources instead of government favoring them.

Less Regulations

Regulations are generally brought by companies/parties to favor certain sector or companies to make them more successful at the expense of competition. Also it increases the cost of the products which the regulations are implemented on.

For example, large companies with deep pockets want to increase the minimum wage of the working people portraying as though it helps them. They can do that without any regulations however, these companies lobbies government to impose this regulation on rest of the industry to stifle budding completion where small companies cannot afford such rates thus becoming a monopoly in those sectors. Over a peirod of time they hire less people and can later increase the price of the products as there is no competition.

No Unions

Unions further causes degradation of the quality of the services, the unions operate on. Again generally these are heavily funded by parties for certain out come instead of going for general supply and demand aspects of the economy.

For example, Taxi unions lobbying governemnt not to have competion like Uber because it will cause problems to their livelyhood however, it is a greater benefit for the consumer. So parties favoring these unions are behaving unnaturally at the cost of the consumer. Similarly these unions pay lot of money to these parties to have such regulations in place. Also an independent taxi driver who wants to operate on his own is forced to follow the rules of the union otherwise he cannot survive.

So it is better not to have any unions at all.

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