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Health: Benefits of OMAD/Intermittent fasting

benefits of omad

Following are the health benefits of One Meal A Day

  • No need to eat multiple times.

  • No cravings or hunger through the day.

  • Destruction of Fat.

  • Fixes Insulin resistance as body gets energy by burning fat.

  • Cure for diabetes, cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

  • Saves time & energy in cooking, cleaning, commute and thinking.

  • Lots of time for your interests & Family.

  • Saves money.

  • Eat as much as your body permits.

  • Increase in Testosterone levels.

  • Improved concentration levels.

  • Feels more active/energetic throughout the day.

  • Increase in Human Growth Hormone.

  • Looks younger.

  • Lesser wrinkles.

  • Cleans bad tissues/cells and repair the inflammatory cells.

How to attain OMAD:

It is not easy to eat OMAD in few days and not have short term problems like gas formation or acidity. If you are eating multiple meals a day for example, workout guys eat 5 meals a day or more, normal people eat 3 times a day, slowly decrease the frequency of your meals from 5 to 4, then to 3 and finally to 2 meals over a period of let's say 3 months. Once you reach 2 meals, delay the first meal and advance your second meal 30 mins or one hour every few days. And over a period of time you will have a common hour where you can eat all the meals at once. Doing OMAD does not mean you eat less, but you eat as much as possible till you are full.

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