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Mark of A True Leader


Accomplishments have become mere Virtue Signaling these days. Virtue signaling is generally done to attract opposite sex, however it is foolish to go to such an extent that one cannot attract a lot of partners regardless, because of superficial laws.

CEOs, politicians, celebrities, cult figures, pundits, gurus, etc. are parroted and sold by the media as being leaders. Most of these people are at best good marketers or advertisers, rather than true leaders. Majority percentage of these people are sociopaths and have little to no virtue at all. They just want to produce results at the expense of their employees or customers, for their own accumulation of wealth, rather than truly providing value to humanity. Some of these people even go to the extent of buying media to propagate their own fame or subvert the population into thinking certain ways. It is almost funny that, in the interview process these days, a hiring a manager is considered to be hiring a leader. It has become a way to boost the ego of the employee more than anything else.

If wealth, power and fame are taken away will the above people pursue the same ideas or actions till they die, I would suggest not. If they would have they could have already.

True leaders who shaped our humanity can be practically be counted on our fingers. Some of them are Swami Vivekananda, Jesus Christ, Nichola Tesla, Wright Brothers, Socrates, Aristotle, Western philosophers, Satoshi Nakamoto, Linus Travold, Thomas Jefferson, Gautam Buddha, Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, etc. The majority of these people shunned publicity actively and let their work speak for itself. They expected little to no tangible (property, wealth, family, women, etc.) or intangible (fame, influence, power) assets for themselves. A few of these people did not even have proper means to survive at the end of their life. They are highly self disciplined, great models of virtue to be revered, and once their work is done they almost try to stay anonymous instead of being attached to their work. It is the selfless nature of such men that propels our society forward.

Such leaders have created revolutionary innovations which create enduring industries, their philosophy has shown people know how to live a better lives, created moral compass to an individual life, and pushed art to surreal forms.

Unfortunately fake leaders become engrossed in attaining titles, accumulating wealth, power and influence while they fail to realize that they are just virtue signaling thus serving women's/society's purpose not his own individuals pursuits. Such people are not leaders and should not be paid attention to at all. To a large extent they simply want peoples attention either to buy their items, or follow their teachings, which is again beneficial to themselves more than their followers. A true leader breaks this chain and finds his own path with his own work and expects little or nothing in return.

To a large extent leaders almost give away their work for free. And often such a person lead a simple and unknown life.

It is important for people to realize it may take work to discern who are the true leaders, and not get swayed by attention seeking powerful people with a personal agenda that is at odds with the general public good.

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