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Alice's Restaurant, California

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Alice's Restaurant is a great place for hanging out in bay area silicon valley area. This spot is right at the intersection of Skyline Blvd(Highway 35) and La Honda (Highway 84). Food is good and waiters are

very friendly.I always liked their burgers and deep-fried onion rings :) here coupled with some non alcoholic beverages. Every weekend lot of motorcycles and fancy cars ride those hills with tight turns and hangout at this spot. So motorcycle enthusiast and people who wants to see nice cars this is the best spot to be at. Make sure you drive safely as riders are very fast on these roads and appear suddenly at the turns. My friend Percy Mehta and I used to ride to this place every so often and eat at this place.

From here you can take Highway 84 all the way to highway 1 to be at the beach. The views of the beach are good and you can also have picnic at the beach. Some of the nice roads around the area to drive and test your skills are 35, 84, Highway 9, 92, piscadero road, Half Moon Bay. Highway 9 leads all the way to Santa Cruz if you are surf enthusiast or take Highway 1 for the ocean view drive.

Row of Porsches

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