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Trip date: 11-14 July, 2017. Even though the city is very populated, more than prague, i still see that the place is clean and well maintained. Lot of bicycles everywhere, people just ride them to work. Lot of places for bars and hang around areas. Canals divide the city into circular segments as the city is on the bay. Some of the things to do are visit Heineken beer company HQ, RijksMuseum, canal boat ride, lots of beer to drink, red light district at night to get your rocks off, Dam Square.

Dam Square is the main city center where lot of people during work or off work come and relax. Also you can see street performers doing their stunts here. Good place to visit locals and tourists.

Amsterdam is known for their Tulip's mania, not any more, and it is one of the earliest stock bubble in history. There are lot of places where you can buy these bulbs, apparently they bloom only once a year.

Canals everywhere (pic to right) and bicycles on both sides of the canal. You can also see house boats where people actually live in them and garden is on the roof of the boat.

Seems one of the tourist/locals hangout spots, don't exactly know what it is. Interestingly i booked most of my stays through which is behind this place.

Heineken HeadQuarters, I did not go inside to checkout the process of making beer but may be worth seeing once.

Red light area, whole lot of fake tits. Well at least in these so called modern days hooters are more genuine/honest than real women. It feels like walking with the robots and they are as good as sexy dolls. May be soon they will be replaced with cheaper silicon babes :).

Love to see Rijksmuseum and I think is one of the best places to visit, so much detail in the paintings, tools, antiques, you just want to spend the whole day there.

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