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Trip date: 21 June, 2017. Bregenz is a small city overlooking Constantine river in Austria. I really like this city because everyone seems to know everyone. One can take rope trolly to see the view, go to Lindau island and tour around the small island. There are not many tourists in this area so its good to meet locals. I made a new friend of mine David Schuh who lives in Hard, he hosted me a couch surfing place. Spend around 2 days here meeting his friends, went for the town festival in the evening, had couple of drinks, walked around the place. Overall it was great experience.

Amphi theatre

Streets of the bregenz were quit empty and the small shops of pretty cute to visit.

Always amazed by the churches and the detail that goes into the paintings/architecture. I particularly liked the interior of the first church as it is so simple and almost white which looks bright.

Lindau island: Its a small island off Bregenz worth visiting to have some nice relaxed lunch.

Constantine river:

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