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Trip date: June 6, 2017 As part of the Europe trip this was my first destination and I was very nervous about the people and the language. Once I took the train from Eindoven to here I was completely clueless as which direction to go or which subway to take. Finally decided to walk around one kilometer to get to the bagpackers hostel called Galia. For the price I paid it was really good especially the breakfast, the dorms were ok. The place is near by a market so if you need any food supplies you can get right away.

The Grand plaza city main center, above picture, is huge and impressive. You can see lot of folks hang around this place and street artists perform their craft.

The shopping complexes

near the Plaza are also impressive and super expensive. The corridors look like:

Brussels cathedral is pretty impressive with its lush open space and the architecture inside the church. This is my first time inside a European church and the amount of intricate details are there on walls and other places is just mind blowing.


Went to see Manneken Pis which I would suggest not to go as there is not much to see there. Apparently kid of a king pissed on the invader which they took it as embarrassment and stopped the invasion. I am not making this up, seriously.

I went to see this Royal museum which is fabulous. Its impressive to see the weapons, swords, vehicles, automobiles that are used during various wars and the transitions. They also collected lot of pottery, artifacts and other craft items from all over the world.

Atonium is also a famous place to view, i do not find it attractive but lot of people visit this place.

Also Mini Europe, a miniature structure near it to see all the important things in Europe. It gives a good concise view of Europe and great for family sort of trip ;).

Brussel is the headquarters of EuropeanUnion which i feel needs to burn down to ashes. This Euro has created more problems to the Europe than it solved. Anyway here is the picture:

Brussels is famous for their French Fries and chips. Also they have good beer collection. One

famous bar is called Delirium as they have around 300 different types of belgium beers. It is a happening place and lot of folks come here to taste the beers and general hang out. It is around 3 floor building and great food and music.

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