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Duality of Sexes

Updated: Mar 15


By now one can understand that there exists a duality of nature in almost everything. It is the Ying and Yang representation in Chinese mythology which references the Sun and Moon. For matter, the counterpart is energy. For a hero, there is a villain and similarly it's the same for sexes.

Man represents construction, rationality, objectivity, strength, hierarchical, yet a slave, a solution, the light of the day, whereas Woman represents destruction, irrationality, sensitivity, fragility, weakness, emotionality, gatekeeper of pleasures, creator of problems, darkness of night, etc. One cannot exist without the other and hence one is not superior or bad relative to the other. Also neither one can appreciate or fully understand itself, without knowing its opposite. Figuratively, in lot of cultures creative force is defined as a Father figure, while the destructive force is depicted as Mother figure; Mother Nature for example. In Hindu culture the destructive power is defined as Kali Devi.

It has been observed that:

Hard times create strong men,

Strong men create good times,

Good times create weak men,

Weak men create hard times.

Pondering on why good times create weak men leads us to think that it is because the inherent nature of man is to construct, is to streamline processes, etc. Due to this majority of the hard issues gets solved for his survival, and slowly man vests his time in making life comfortable. Up until now women lay sidelines without taking initiative to a large part because she doesn't have skill or strength or forward looking to do such things.

Slowly men tend to go after solving women's problems in the name of moral perspective ignoring that women almost contributed nothing in the hard time. Also women in this phase venture into mans spaces as now as the risk factor is removed by men. This is observed in all historical civilizations, from the Roman civilization, where men started giving rights for the sectors of the population to virtue signal it as a noble cause. During this phase concepts like woman rights, equality, multiculturalisms, etc. arise and in turn magnify the destructive powers of the feminine, womanly aspect of the society. This creates chaos in the society, leading to a fragile and subjective society. Actually these conditions are either created by powerful men to gain more access of women or beta males aka simps unconsciously thinks this will increases their chances of mating with women by supporting such causes. Thus such causes are hugely supported by weak men thus leading irresponsible behaviour of women. Typically this leads to a downward spiral of that society until a new generation of hard and strong men are born with same principals as earlier strong men established. Thats why we often hear the phrase "our ancestors were right all along".

To prevent this destructive phase of society, man has to see that his constructive nature does not wash away entirely the element of risk, so as to keep the element of danger high enough that woman do no lead into hedonistic nature thus bringing chaos to the society. Only in this fashion will women will be loyal and strong. As this is process one cannot experience this whole cycle in one generation so people live like zombies justifying their current actions. For example there are huge number of cases where divorces are filed by women as they know the system favours them financially as there is no fear of survival as society accepts them. However, this was not the case in previous times so a divorced women cannot survive on her own. That's why she stays loyal to her husband and trained that way.

There is a local saying in our regional language which says Without fear there is no devotion this can be aptly said about women.Otherwise her subconscious destructive powers will eventually create hardships for men. Hence the saying "Hard times create strong men..."

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