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Trip date: 01 - 03 July, 2017. Surely Prague is a romantic city and I made few friends here. Apparently Czech folks drinks atleast 8 literes of beer per month the most in Europe, I would have thought it would be Germans but nah. Finally met Lucie Morawiecova after initial online known her \8 years ago. Prague did live up to the hype of density and quality of beautiful girls :). Bit dirty than my previous places in Europe though.Interesting that the beggars in prague kneels down and don't show up their faces with cups in hands.

View of the castle with Charles Bridge

Another view

City center

At the entrance of the Charles Bridge which is a good walk. Hell lot of tourists at this spot and lot of food and other shops near by.

I hiked up to the top of Eifel tower of Prague, there are some nice views of the castle and the old city which is beautiful.

If you walk further away from the city you, opposite of the castle, you will see lot of restaurants and an old bridge to get to this place. Kind of nice and met these cute buds. Apparently the lady behind the kid is his grandmother and the kid tries to give me a stone as souvenir :).

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