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Thailand: Krabi Province - Koh Lanta, Phi Phi Island

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Date: 5th-14th Nov.

After Bangkok I headed to Koh Lanta, Krabi province, pretty small community and very less touristy. Barely I see anyone on the beach so I spent mornings doing some workout and walking on the beach. Most of the tourists are from Sweden, dont know the connection towards them. You can see lot of tourists have massages on the beach and restaurants to have lunch/dinner overlooking the beach. I think for people who wants company of either tourists or locals this is not the place to go, since I was working I didn't want to change places I was here most of the days.

After 5 days I headed to Phi Phi island for another 5 days. I highly recommend folks to stay at this place as you can have lot of quite places and also party goers. Apparently the island got famous because of the movie Beach shot here. I stayed at Phi Phi sunset bay resort which is away from the centre and it takes 20 mins of walk to get there, no transportation. Awesome place to hang out and very reasonable price which includes breakfast as well. Interestingly all the people who work in the resort are from Burma, so I asked the owner as why so? She mentioned thai women work less and more into makeup :(, I guess when things get comfort people resort to hedonism.

Anyway lot of tourists go for day trips and half day trips but I would suggest just go for snorkelling and scuba diving as it gives lot of times to spend watching the fishes.

At Phi Phi island I stepped on the Sea Urchin and had to limp for 7 days. The doctors are super expensive at the island as they are

charging like 15000 rupees to remove the spikes but then when I called my resort they just put some vinegar to dissolve the spikes with no charge.

Food is amazing in Phi Phi islands with lot of street foods which I love as I can try at various places. Also where I go I buy tons of fruits on the first day. Garlic is one of the oldest restaurant which attracts lot of tourists.

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