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Central Europe 2017 Trip

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Trip date: June - July, 2017. So the trip started with crazinees of getting the passport from consulate where they shipped the passport on the morning of the day of travel. On top of that Fedex had flight delay, which means i got the passport 3 hours before the flight time :).

Following are the places I visited Brussels, Luxembourg, Freiburg, Basel, Interlaken, Lucerne, Zurich, Bregenz, Fussen, Munich, Regensburg, Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Eindoven, Rotterdam.

After looking at the architecture of several buildings, homes and roads of Europe, US architecture seems garage junkyard. No taste in its buildings, living and their homes. I thought US is built by people from Europe, so how come no taste? The art work is just mind-blowing, one can easy the vivid colors and also the shades in the paintings with such rich colors which I do not see much in modern times. May be the ingredients used to make the colors are different to that we get now.

Definitely pearls are the womens choice of jwellery. Also they like to wear watches. Men prefer navy blue suits for business attire definitely, Europe girls definitely leaner and better looking .

Food is really great in Europe, every small town has its own specialty of food and beer. Regional food is not only great but also very clean. I do not see lot of sugar, heavy cream or cheese being used while cooking. You can get tone of varieties of wine and cheese. Everywhere people like to eat ice cream. The ice cream you get in Europe is nothing comparable to what you get in US as you can really taste the fruits and berries in the ice cream. Still folks are health conscious and barely i saw anyone who is fat unlike in US. Of all the alcoholic beverages i liked Radler the best which is very refreshing after hike or just to have good time. Very less alcoholic content and more of lemon juice. Donar kebab is famous among tourists and locals as its easy to eat and walk around as though you are carrying sandwich.

Taxis, fire trunks are made of Mercedes Benz and people drive normal cars :D. Most of the travel across Europe can be reached by trains. DaucheBhan is one of the best transportation service I have experienced.

European pronounce english words properly, they literally spell the letters as they sound unlike americans or britishers. I see lot of farms who grow grass for hey, corn and some other plant which i have not figured out yet.

Never understood the meaning of this lion logo as its almost everywhere I went in Europe.Don't know whether it represents anything related to catholic church as that is the only common thing i found among different countries.

Used these two bags for the entire trip of two months, pretty sturdy.

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