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Equality of Right to Vote is Communism

right to vote

To understand why majority of women and to a certain extent some men are not eligible for rights especially right to vote one has to understand how the current situation of society evolved. Countries are formed by bloodshed of men, then a constitution is established, judicial and executive bodies are formed. As you can see most of these are formed by men. The percentage of men to women during the establishment is more than 95%. Even after winning freedom and establishing various departments, men serve in dangerous departments like military, navy, electric grids, transportation, mining, etc other heavy duty professions. It is this reason rights were given to men especially right to vote for their sacrificial nature of their lives for safe guarding society. Later these rights are extended to all men because on crisis whenever country goes to war, without voluntary participation of other men, government/kinds naturally assigned these men to fight in the wars for the societies sake. Hence it is perfectly justifiable to have all men to have right to vote.

As men established and streamlined the process women started entering these fields. Read this blog "Women her work and happiness" as to how women encroach into these fields only well after their established by men. Needless to say since these institutions whether judicial, administrative or executive bodies in private or public sector are clearly formed and made efficient by men, women have no right to demand their entry by force or charity. Men allowed capable women to serve in executive roles without the involvement of the state over a period of time. However, this must not be construed as establishing a right. On the contrary strong women never cared to possess these rights established by men. Until a few decades ago it was like that, however, something changed. Because of these rights women started becoming weaker and taking rights as though they had fought for their establishment. Even now women do not represent 1% of military, navy, hard core mining labour, etc and yet they claim they are equal to men hence need the same rights as though they sacrificed in wars to maintain the society.

Women can easily say that they will go to war on crisis however, during that critical time of national security, it is easy for them to abandon the idea of right to vote to go for safety that men provide. This can be easily proved true in case of Ukraine and Russia war where majority of the women are not participating in the war. Also weaker/non-virtuous men cater to these women for equality of rights in order to virtue signal as a way to win approval from women which in larger scheme is basically these men wants to pass their genes by assuming by standing up for women somehow increases their chances of mating with them. When it comes to women matters majority of men thinks through their penis it is no exaggeration that men collectively lacks any rational.

Even by establishing women’s rights we still have the same set of problems if not more. Not only that we have all sorts of welfare schemes catering to women at the expense of sacrificial men. Women because of their natural biological tendencies votes for safety and security which eventually governments will make use it to enslave nations or cultures which is what is happening around the current world.

Cases can be made where there are real women’s issues like child birth, etc. If men are forcing things which are genuinely concerning to women, women as a whole do not need to participate in them at all. Women can form their own voting system devoid of male involvement in any issues related to them. As a result men as a group will change their behavior sooner or later otherwise it will be detrimental to their own coexistence. As per my previous article males only do what females want which is just natural order.

It is not only women, now major sections of men have became weak because of welfare schemes for special groups like minorities, gays, farmers, SCs/STs etc. These weaker sections further votes leaders who wants even more welfare schemes to benefit them without work. Thus it is this reason government has more control over peoples' lives by giving right of vote to ineligible people across different sections who did not earn them. Thus Equality of Right to Vote is a communistic agenda perpetuated so that even if you are not eligible you can have the same right of those sacrificial men because of mere existence.


Right to vote must be given to only men/women who are capable of performing their duty as a military personal as it is the most virtuous thing where these people are sacrificing their lives for their country. And men/women who are incapable to perform this duty should never be given right to vote. It is similar to say a person who can study medicine can only have the right to become a doctor and no one else.

And this right to vote only be exercised governing the things which are related to defense, military and can not be used this vote for any other thing.

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