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Health: General diet habits

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

It is important to follow our natural body than to eat whatever we like and then wonder why we are sick or lazy later point in life. Based on my research here are the few tips:

  • Avoid refined ltems-- sugar, rice, bread, maidha, sweets, etc. These increases insulin levels drastically which converts carbs into fat and also decreases testosterone levels, one reason why our sperm and testosterone levels dropped 60% from the past 100 years which make men inactive. and very lazy. These items are the leading cause of diabetes and other problems.

  • Complex Carbs-- Use Items - like brown rice, quinoa, millets etc as these have good fiber. Also eat lot of vegetables, vegetables are complex carbs that releases energy slowly into our body because of the fiber thus not jacking up the insulin levels. Your moto while eating should be add rice in vegetables rather than add vegetables in rice.

  • Cooking -- is another major problem, especially Indians over cook because of this Vitamin C, Vitamin B+, gets evaporated and cooking makes the food acidic which also result in tooth problems so its better to cook only 50% so that the nutrients still stay in the food and less acidic. Also . Its also better to consume uncooked food items like carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, salads on regular basis which can improve your health greatly.

  • Avoid gluten-- wheat, oats, etc as these are long amino acid aka protein com pounds which are not easily broken by the current weak acid in our stomach. As they pass through small intestines which eventually spoils the suction pores which is much bigger problem as other nutrients wont get absorbed. This problem exists especially in caucasian culture.

  • Simple protein--Use jawar, millets, sajjalu, lentils instead of wheat as replacement for protein or carbs as these as simple amino acids/proteins easy for absorption.

    • Paradox between carbs & protein, In essence use more complex carbs (with fiber) and simpler protein products and avoid simple carbs & complex protein.

  • Avoid packages items--these has lot of preservatives, additives, sugars, etc which are not good for health and very less in nutrition.

  • Avoid deep fried Items--chips, fried chicken, fried potatoes, etca; fried oil causes saturated/trans fats which leads to host of health issues. Deep frying causes severe inflammation in our bodies.

  • Avoid seed oil cooking-- seed oils exposed to heat and light causes oxidation resulting into trans fat which causes Inflammation. Use either Ghee or Butter or lard or coconut oil for cooking purposes. When oil needs to be added, ex: in lentils, etc, add them after cooking. It is this reason people store pickles in tight jars in colder and dark rooms.

  • Salt-- Add small amount of salt while cooking for taste but add rest after cooking. Iodine present in salt evaporates on heat which is essential mineral for our body, so add after cooking. I would prefer Himalayan salt or Celtic salt or pink salt as these salts are rich in minerals.

  • Meat-- Our body is alkaline in nature unlike carnivorous animals. Meat Is very acidic in nature as it's a dense amino acid compounds, so avoid meat as much as possible. And meat is the leading indicator of Cancer and other diseases. For meat eaters the most important items are liver, egg yolk, bone marrow as they have rich in minerals. Also try to consume every part of the body of an animal instead of just protein as this helps in better nutrition. There is huge push from western countries towards meat consumption but these are driven by meat industry. Even if you look at various tribes in the wild they do not consume lot of meat as we are doing now.

  • Nuts-- are good source of omega 3 fats,consume some of them on daily basis.

  • Water-- Current water is very acidic, look In Internet how to make water alkaline.Cancer cells flourish In acidic environment, so try to make sure that your body is mostly alkaline. Best to avoid plastic bottled water or distilled. Try to look for stream sources of water.

  • Drinking water -- Do not drink water while eating or 45 minutes before or after eating, it dilutes the enzymes while digestion. You don't observe this pattern in any animals.

  • Avoid extensive physical or mental activity just after having a meal. Digestion is an intense process which requires bit of rest and lot of enzymes gets released during the process which makes us drowsy. Again you don't see this pattern in other animals. Better do that after an hour or so.

  • Avoid drinking cold food/water as it turns turns carbs into fat.

  • Sun Light -- humans are designed to stay and work outside where majority of their Vitamin D is produced. This problem is especially chronic for tropical countries because of their indoor lifestyle so at least stay outside

  • Fruits-- make fruits as essential part of your diet as they are rich in vitamins, electrolytes and anti-oxidants. Since majority of the times we cook food which eliminates certain nutrients, fruits are the only food which are not cooked and can retain these nutrients.

  • Holy Trinity -- Do not eat fruits with food or fats ( nuts). Also do not mix fats ( nuts) with food. The enzymes required for absorbing these items are completely different and you don't want to confuse your liver as it works efficiently processing similar things.

  • Minerals-- our food lacks minerals which are the most important items.We need 90 essential nutrients (minerals, vitamins, fats) for healthy functioning.

  • Avoid milk-- and its derivatives,as it has estrogen, high in sugars, protein etc and are not good for men specifically. Also it cause bone related problems check ref1. Find another source of calcium, protein like soya, almond milk, etc.

  • Cold showers-- increases your adrenaline levels and blood flow in your body so avoid warm baths as much as you can.

  • Organic foods-- Avoid GMO/ pesticide products as much as possible, best thing is to grow your own food.

  • Stop taking drugs-- caffeine is a drug, avoid tea, coffee. You don't consume crocin daily just to avoid fever, do you? So by drinking coffee/tea you are doing the same thing.

  • Eating-- people tend to watch entertainment or talk while eating. However, it's better to eat quietly while eating as you can really relish the taste of the food and also munch much better. Much better for absorption and mixing saliva in your mouth.

Food should be considered as medicine, overdosing medicine becomes a drug which is not good for health.


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