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Health: Benefits of Improving Testosterone Levels

Updated: Sep 17, 2023


Current generation of men lack masculinity and focus because of very low testosterone levels. There is rapid decrease for over the years as you can see in this historic trends. Due to these low levels men face various problems:

* Low energy to carry on activities.

* Lack of Focus.

* Low sperm count and sexual energy.

* Less female attraction.

* Loss of muscle and muscle growth.

* Decrease of Bone density.

* Less courageous hence lack of morals.

And some of the reasons of these low levels are:

* Increased stress levels, as stress converts testosterone into oestrogen derivate hormone.

* Very little intense physical exercise especially lower body exercise.

* Bad food choices like refined (sugars, flours, etc), packaged or plastic food items.

* Frequent masturbation or sex.

* Not enough rest.

* Recycled water or water in plastic bottles now has oestrogen derivatives.

* Lack of proper zinc mineral in the diet

* Little to no exposure to sunlight, lack of Vitamin D.

* No combative sports.

In order to improve these levels it's better to do the opposite of the reasons mentioned above. So it is highly advisable to have high testosterone levels for better health, focus and energy for a sound functioning man in the society. Otherwise we will have weak men which eventually make weaker societies thus leading upto broken communities.

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