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Health: How to productively using your time to be happy and healthy

Updated: Sep 4, 2023


Following are some of the things people do when they are bored which are neither good for health or stable mind or gets in your way of personal growth thus hindering to know about yourself:

Socialising with friends: people spend lot of time with their friends to fill in the time, this is one way of coping mechanism of not valuing your time. A decent time per week is ok however, these days lot of time is spent on with them.

Watching media/entertainment: Another waste of time to get emotional with what is going on with the world where majority of the time we cannot do anything about it.

Social Media: These days instead of focusing on personal hobbies lot of people have become attention whores to get the dopamine levels high which hinders personal growth. Thus people are becoming more narcissists and socially awkward to interact in real life.

Sex/Dating/Porn/Masturbation: This is very detrimental in lot of aspects to health, gets in a way for personal growth and mental stability. Sex is designed to be tool for procreation and not for entertainment. See article Semen Retention on this. Porn and/or Masturbation gets in your ability to bond with opposite sex. Dating is pure waste of time, for the majority of the time what partners need to focus on is understanding the duties and responsibilities that accompany compatibility and love.

Eating/Drinking/Smoking: Perhaps the primary cause of health issues these days stems from overeating and bad eating. Eating is not a lifestyle or something to love about. Its just a mechanism to nourish oneself.

Similarly lot of people waste time in driking or smoking trying to be socially cool and way to retaionalise themselves to be enjoying. Primarily these activities are pushed through media and observing rich people. As a result normal people feel that by doing these activities they are upgrading themselves to higher class.

Goals that lead to money, power and success: Something many people do not realize is that they have ambitions of making a huge success before they die. Inherently it is because of the biological nature of attracting lot of females for men vice-versa. Because success gives men power, influence, control and money to which women are attracted. In the process the man who steals literally and figuratively, gets away from who he truly is.

Staying and getting up late: Whatever be the reason it is not worth it. Majority of the times you justify this because of all of the above.

Travel: Travel has become one of the frivolous activities that people start thinking that they have achieved something by travelling a lot. It is totally justified to travel once in a while to Cheris memories. However these days frequent travellers are more focused on gaining attention and becoming more narcissistic. People neither are learning some new things like cultural aspects or cuisine or habits that one has incorporated in their daily routine life for better. If that is not the case then travelling is one of the most useless activities.

Following ways will help you to better utilise your times for better health and success in life:

Hobbies: These will help you focus on your self especially if some of these hobbies are individual activities.

Meditation: Reduces stress, focuses your mind, and there are various bother benefits to it.

Exercise: Makes you strong and keeps you young.

Fasting: Better health, reduced disease, make you younger and improve metabolism.

Alone time: Spending quality time being alone on daily basis is why you are doing what you are doing. If the majority of your efforts are aimed at whatever will directly or indirectly lead to monetary success or fame, then you are doing something wrong.

Wake up and go to bed early: Rise before the sun rises sleep before the sun drops as the adage goes.

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