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How to Pick a Girl for Marriage

These are general ideas which can be applied to any geographical location, race, culture or religion. Ignoring these principles thinking that there are exceptions lead to disappointment and marriages collapss. Remember, exceptions do not make the rule. Its better to avoid exceptions or unicorns and look for what has worked for over thousands of years. If you are already married and have son, this post helps your son. Similarly it will help daughters how men view their value.

Below Status Women

Make sure that the woman is not more than 2 steps below your status ( financially & appearance), since women only value men with higher status. If she is close or equal or above man's status, marriage will have severe instability and won't last long . Women frown upon men with equal/lower status men and will eventually destroy such men. Thats why you can see the percentage of divorce rate is more than 60% in countries where they believe in equality. Her lower status is compensated based on her youth and beauty. Also this behavior is common in all animal species.

However, if her status is more than than 2 steps below the man, then he got a bad deal which again leads to instability in marriage.


The best age group to marry a girl is from 16 to 22 and next best is 23 to 25. During this time woman is pretty flexible and adjusts to man's needs. However, woman of age from 26 to 29 have strong opinions are rigid in their approach and difficult to get along with. I would not even suggest to look for women more than 30 years, read further along why that is a case.

Virginity or Max two prior partners

A woman who keeps her virginity in tact is of greater value to a man. These woman have self control, have been raised properly and have strong will. However, thus far in the 21st century, it's hard to find such women. It's better to aim a woman with max of two partners before. Since woman preserves the DNA of previous men, future children will have the DNA of previous men. Here may be found research regarding that.

Since initial memories are strong, women still remember old partners and chances of cheating are very high. It is for this reason virgins have been favored from ancient times.Also psychologically bonding between the couples with more prior partners will be less powerful because of trust issues.

Conservative Family

Make sure that the girl is raised by conservative/moderate family with strong father who heads the family and is the decision maker. A family where mother is dominating is a huge red flag as the daughters in the family do not treat any man with respect and lack any sort of responsibilities. Usually they are very loud, tend to nag, irresponsible, mature, promiscuous, not meek, disobedient and most importantly treat her future husband the same way her mother treats her father.


As woman expects her husband to be the bread winner, man should be very keen on getting a wife who cooks well. She should be cooking at least a year before the marriage to be considered as qualified wife material. Ignoring it will cause lot of problems as working women do not want to cook and you end up eating unhealthy food. A bad diet won't make your marriage any healthier.

Family First

Make sure the girl is ready to quit her job to take care of family, cooks good food, make a house into home, nurture man's children, stay physically fit, provide great sex whenever her husband wants, respects man's decisions, and does not nag after the decision has being made. A women who prioritizes work over family is a big NO. She can work after she raise the kids up to 7 years, by then kids are properly nurtured and learned lot of things from parents. Instead of this nowadays it parents are renting their kids to maids and such kids have grumpy upbringing.

Woman won't/cannot have kids

If a girl does not want or cannot have kids there is no need for a man to marry a woman. Its just emotionally stunted men who look for marriage if they themselves do not want kids. Such woman can be companion without being a wife or for there are other options for sex for a man.

Women in Social Media

lot of women these days are on in social media seeking attention. Avoid such women, if at all you like her personality just see what sort of content she posts on social media. If its about her hobbies then she is likely a good person however, if she posts lot of content regarding her physical attributes, its big NO. Again women social media in general is a red flag, it is a venue for women to pick better mates and since she gets lot of attention her hypergamy instincts will be far more stronger.

Lot of Guy friends

No need to engage rapport with these girls, as they are very promiscuous and seek attention from other men. Such women also have lot of tattoos. A woman who is irresponsible with her body cannot be responsible for a family.

Feminist/Independent Women

Man and Woman are not equal in any way, shape or form, so feminism is utter contrary to the nature. Similarly Independent women are the most irresponsible people you would encounter, they lack femininity, duties of a women, do not respect men and mentally unstable people. Run from these women as fast as you can.

Single Moms

It is a failed cause to marry a single mom as majority of them are irresponsible (which is the reason they are single moms in the first place) and they dont allow a new partner to parent her children, although they will expect the man to provide for them. Avoid them like a plague.

Daughter of a Single Mom/Divorced Women

Just avoid such women for marriage. They are highly aggressive, combative, masculine, very promiscuous and most of the times irresponsible. Since there is no father figure around they do not know what a man wants and belittles them.


there is no need for any man to pursue a divorced woman. They absolutely serve no purpose to a man of all ages. There is a reason why she is a divorcee and it will be better for you not to become the second reason. If at all she is really a good person and you want compatibility make sure that you have common friends and do some background check before you commit.

Women over 30s

Unless the woman is a supermodel and the guy is super rich and above 60 in age there is no need to approach these woman. They bring nothing to the table and comes with lot of emotional problems. Most likely she dated lot of men and no man wants her because of her personality. Generally such women have very rigid personalities and hard to change unless your personality matches to her like 100% which is very rare. Since she is not part of the ups and downs of a man's early life she does not build good relation with a man. They most likely want to settle for just successful person who can take care of her.

Even if there is a match, child rearing capabilities are very minimal and its also risky for the mom and future child if at all she can conceive a baby. It takes lot of effort to raise children a women in 30s will not have the same energy as that of women in early 20s.

Woman from Business Families

Generally "successful" business family people are more financially oriented and everything is viewed as a trade deal. The Key here is, if the business is successful the daughters raised in such a family do little to no work generally. Unless the man comes from successful business family himself its better to go with caution or just avoid.

However, women from small and growing business may work very hard, including the daughters. There could be greater compatibility in such joining with such a business family because of work ethics and negotiaton skills.

Only/youngest daughter

In most cases youngest children are pampered more than elder ones so have very less experience in the concept of sharing, have less exposure to negotiating, etc. Daughters are even more worse in these cases so better go with caution. If youngest girl is the only option, try to find out information through her close friends how her personality is. Its better to be safe than sorry. On the contrary, eldest daughters and middle daughters are much more responsible and know how to negotiate and share.

Compatibility Match

My understanding, this is just a hunch, is that even passing all these attributes sometimes marriages are not happy. Just to explore on this I think it has to do with innate personalities one is born with which is where horoscope matches are done in lot of eastern cultures. Just like sulphuric acid reacts with water forming a strong bond but where as oil do not mix with water, similarly individual personalities differ and such innate traits need complimentary traits to match. Even though dating in western cultures are practiced but it will invalidate the body count part, So to compensate that I think horoscope match could be a good idea.

Remember people who married for practical reasons are far more happier than people who married for love. One can observe this where western divorce rate is more than 60% as majority of them marry for love rather than practical reasons. Lot of marriages were successful, both in western and eastern cultures, 100 years ago as most of them engaged in arranged marriages.

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