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It is natural for a man to have multiple partners not for the women

multiple partners

Let’s acknowledge the biological fact that woman is a diminishing resource whereas man is an appreciating resource and also that woman by nature is hypergamous because of this diminishing asset quality. Within the physical, financial and social sphere of man’s superiority woman is attracted to and found happiness, and thus adopting a nurturing/supporting role. Thus women inherently know that a resourceful man is having multiple relations and still pursues her. This behavior is observed in humans and also confirmed in most of the animal kingdom. It is thus natural that women are attracted to great leaders, authors, artists, technologists, athletes, etc as they provide more resources.

As it is natural to take advantage when opportunity presents itself, women take unfair advantage, to their own detriment, of laws created to protect them from bad marriages, becoming ever more irresponsible. One such unfair advantage is man having only one wife thus using state to gain unfair advantage to all his resources . Women increasingly become demanding and controlling rather than liberating a man. Rather than freeing men and women to work together as a team, marriage becomes a burden to the man and a false hope for the woman. Woman have become increasingly unhappy because as she accrues more wealth, she cannot settle for a man of lower status. This leads to lot of infidelity and unhappiness of women because of their inherent hypergamist nature. Men do what women want them to do, and men invariably becomes unfaithful within or simply avoid marriage altogether.

In the absence of social laws, both genders resort to the natural mean which for men is being provider and protector with woman adopting nurturing roles. It’s a division of labor that works out well for both sexes. As a protector/provider, a man, especially an alpha man may have a huge amount of resources and fame which are not marginalized with the depreciating asset of the youth and beauty of a single woman. So an alpha male will always seek multiple partners because of the power of his wealth and popularity. This was simply a perquisite of such men in all cultures before the advent of centralized laws. Young beautiful women always found happiness serving the needs of such alpha males. In a way women actually support and do not mind sharing such resources with other women. If one takes a case that women do not support such a behavior then why would women, knowing that alpha male already has a partner, are actively seeking his attention?

However, alpha males make up a small percentage of men. Young and beautiful women are also generally not that scarce. As the man's resources decrease so decreases his ability to spread his genes, which in turn means fewer woman for which he can provide. Naturally there exist a large percentage of non-alpha males, so the number of potential alpha partners decreases. This article is in no way suggesting women cannot take a role of provider and protector. However, in doing so woman finds it increasingly difficult to find her alpha man so she will have to end up settling for beta males which will lead to infidelity and unhappiness for both partners.

So Woman, ask yourself this question. Would you rather partner with an alpha man whose resources will be shared with multiple women, or would you prefer the fidelity of a beta male that makes you unhappy because that beta male can only bring so much to the table? Again this small percentage of alpha men having multiple partners is evidence of their rarity. Beta women need not worry about more sharing of resources with their because beta man cannot attract more women because of the hypergamous nature of woman. It’s a self correcting system.

We are much like lions within the pride; do not fix by law something which is not broken.

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