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Joshua National Park Camping

Joshua National Park Camp ground overview
Joshua Camp ground overview

Trip date: Feb 17, 2016 Joshua national park is located towards the east side past Los Angeles. We

drove from San Mateo, bay area to the park. It is basically a desert and few hiking spots around the mountain. You need to have permits to camp and enter into the park. There were 6 of us went to do camping for 3 days and cooking in the desert. We brought lot of fruits and snacks for food, it was enjoyable trip.

Camping: Park has camp sites near the big rocks which can block the wind however, you need to book those at least couple of months earlier. There is lot of wind during the evening time as it is a desert and rarely you can see vegetation. If you plan to camp better get good hooks and hammer it down hard in to the ground. The reason I am saying this is because my tent got blown away and the spikes were broken when we arrived from the hike. Great way to meet young folks and family as they come here for camping too.

Hiking around the region is pretty good and it

gets very hot or cold based on what time of the year you travel. Prepare to have good amount of water and wear clothes appropriately. As you climb higher it gets cooler and more windier in the evening.

At night the skies will light up, try to go to some near by vista points to night skies. Also better to bring telescope to view the stars and various constellations. Cooked meatball pasta during the night with the folks. It was so tasty partially that I cook good and partially we are very hungry to eat after the hike. I brought some port wine and some of the folks got some weed. It was great trip overall.

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