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Modus Operandi of Communism, Socialism, Democracy, Dictatorship, Liberalism & Progressiveness

Updated: May 26


Following are some of the cult ideas employed by various forms of political ideas like Communism, Socialism, Democracy and other forms of the government employ to destabilise societies and/or countries.

Breaking Families

Leaders recognise the first thing to break a society is to break the family structure. They accomplish this by given unfair rights, legal provisions to favour women to take her hypergamous nature. By this women over a period of time think they have earned these rights but rather got them on the hard work of men. Reservations are made to favour on the basis of moral grounds in education, health, government administration and now even in private sectors under the impression that they have some how they are a oppressed group. Please refer women sections of Equality of Rights is Communism and Laws Make people irresponsible for more details

Economic Chaos

To make people more dependent on the government or leaders, in these above political scenarios they start favouring minorities groups, women and other groups by providing free perks in various sectors like health care, education and other grand schemes. Since by now majority of the people are addicted to these perks they assume these are basic amenities everyone should have. Overtime they form a huge debt which in turn put huge taxation on the productive sector. They further stress on this by saying "Pay the fair share" on the productive people. After certain time they employ hyperinflation by money printing.

These schemes are extended towards private sectors as well. At the end of the day they are either bail-outs or bail-ins to devalue the currency of the state. Check further on Financial collapse and Central banking is a predator more on these.


In order to break the culture, habits, art, food, architecture, etc another aspect of these cult leaders is to shove Multiculturalism down the thought of naive young people. At the base level if a family is have wife and husband from different cultures their kids over the generations are not good at anything and eventually all forms of art, culture, cuisine is destroyed. To get more details refer section as how Multiculturalism destroy these.

LGBTQ attention

Abnormalities of sexual deviations from normal heterosexual existed long before, everyone recognised these and understood their plight. It was existed during Alexander time, in Indian cultures these groups are treated specially. However, in these political scenarios somehow these groups are victimised and hence needs special treatment and perks. Media is over sensationalised on these aspects as though these groups are brave people. Over sexualised aspects of these groups are pushed in the media and movies constantly. Over a period of time young teenagers are sexualised, sodomy is considered as a norm. Any one who opposes these are somehow immoral people or no values.

Against Freedom of Speech

Since everything is viewed as victimised sections, anything said against them even though they are wrong is termed as intolerant, oppressive and harassment. Also views against the government whether its their policies or corruption will be shutdown without any justification. Slowly literature, media, education, legal system and history are changed to shut down any opposite thought. Because of this so called oppressed groups becomes increasingly irresponsible and any evidence presented on these lies are called anti-semetic or misogyny. By this over a period of time huge disconnect and mistrust exists between various groups and thus are against each other to stay farther from the truth. People become emotionally stunted and eventually any rational option provided is considered as oppressive.

It is this reason Founders of American constitution realised that Freedom of Speech is the foremost important thing for a normal functioning society.

If one step back and introspect, the decisions and responsibility of individuals in a society or a state in terms of health, education, finance and values are slowly and steadily taken away from them and moved into a bigger and centralised problem which leaders can manipulate on their own will. All the above scenarios can be observed in the current political structure across various countries.

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