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Multiculturalism destroys Art, Music, Architecture, Cuisines, Culture & Tradition


Multiculturalism is forced down through media, education and the work place is the notion that multiculturalism is a good thing and produces greater results than individual cultures in their regions. However, this article presents an opposing view.

Looking closely to various traditions over different regions, great art, architecture, food, and wine are shaped because of the discoveries and the work of various cultures in various geographic regions, and the knowledge and the mores that arise are passed down through the generations by these specific cultures and families. These cultures and traditional practices become second nature to the regional people. After a few generations these things are refined and transformed close to perfection. Thus in the arts, cuisines, architecture, etc. traditions takes shape that define the culture of that region. It is one of the main reasons the travel industry is so popular as people from different areas when they visit, appreciate the beauty of such uniqueness when compared to their own. In short, people love difference.

Let us compare that reality to that to the goals of multiculturalism. For example if we imagine there is a special place with a small population, where 50% of people are Germans, and 50% of people are Japanese, and they are freely mixing, you will see that as the two cultures marry into each other, much of Germans' art, music, and food will dissolve away, and so will be the case of Japanese. You will get a mix where the hybrid art, music, etc. is a fusion that generally have very little value. A new "Germanese" language might arise, using words from both cultures. Taking a microscopic view, in a household when two partners are from different cultures, there won't be a strong bond leading to a further refinement of individual cultures. Because neither partner will be truly happy other than practical reasons, the next generations will have nothing to carry forward to cherish or refine them which leads to the destruction of Art, Music, Architecture or Food. As one can see majority of such inter racial marriages collapse within few ears.

One can observe this pattern in the same country in big cities, for example if one takes an example of food in San Francisco or Bangalore, where a huge mix of various cultures exists, you hardly ever see great or authentic cusinies for anyone other than a very few specialized restaurants. Food is produced for mass consumption, and no one is passing this on to the next generations. It is as if people are living like zombies, having no attachment to the true aesthetic of life. In this regard I see multiculturalism as the death of Art, Music and other beautiful things being passed down to future generations.

Another contemporary example is, in Europe now illegal immigrants are forcibly migrated to countries like Italy, Germany, Spain to mix with native people without the consent of the local people. So the agenda of the elites is to erase all the cultural aspects of the region.

Because of these reasons almost all cultures shun intermixing of races and unfortunately this progressive narrative is pushed on to us that older traditions and cultures are not forward thinking and accommodative which on contrary are very regressive in nature.

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