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Trip date: 27 to 30 June, 2017. Salzburg is birthplace of famous musician Mozart and it is located in west side of Austria, very close to Germany. Apparently someone told me that lot of women have broken hearts because of failure in relationship and I found women crying at remote locations, couple in woods , coincidence :(. Compared to other cities in Europe where one can see alcoholic consumption outside and smoking cigarettes I barely noticed such behavior here.

Places to see are Fortress Hohensalzburg, Park Kapuzinerberg, Mozart birth place. Apparently there is a flower garden which i did not visit. The river cuts the old town vs the new town.

Fortress Hohensalzburg

Walked up to the fort however, I did not enter into the fort as i heard it was not that amazing. Also there is a tram which takes to the top of the fort.

Over looking main cathedral
Fortress Hohensalzburg

There are horse taxis you can take and tour around the city, but its kind of cliche. Lot of shops to take souvenir and good places to visit. They do have public wifi but do not count on it.

If you are lucky they play theatre in the middle of the courtyard surrounded by cathedral. I saw some sort of movie here. The main cathedral is massive as you can see below and with elaborate painting.

Its funny that I saw Saltzburg Connection movie just yesterday after 3 years where you can see some good views of the city.

Make sure you hike on the opposite side of the river to have some good views of the fort. It is a nice walk in the Park Kapuzinerberg and you won't get disappointed. You can see another statute of Mozart.

I met this guy in the woods who mentioned about yoga and met couple of sadhus in India. He has his own software firm, so i guess i never miss software people in the world. The tail end of the trail you will see a restaurant which looks over the other side of the city.

Mozart birth place

Mozart birth place

View of the fort at night

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