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Tadvai & Ramappa trip

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Date: Nov, 2020. Did my first local road trip to Tadvai on Harley after so many years, last time I went here was a school trip in 8th grade. Tadvai is part of Laknavaram forest area of warangal.

Tadvai is around 90kms from Warangal and takes around 1 1/2 hours to get to the place. Route is pretty straight forward with few sections not so great. However, if you are fast rider look for cows and sheep on the road as the villagers take then on the road. As you near the forest area you will notice lot of monkeys on either side of the road.

It costs around 2500Rs and you can book in advance at Given lot of tourists spots in India are heavily crowded, here it is very quite and pretty nice. We had a nice hike around the forest and rest in the Tadvai huts at night. Try to return to the huts by 6PM to relax and enjoy other tourists company.

Food: For food you can ask the service men to cook instead of ordering from the village as they cook better. Also if you plan to buy chicken or lamb buy yourself and not go with the tour guide suggestion as the place he took us is almost twice the price. Finally end the day with bonfire and great company.

Later left to Mutyumdara water falls which is around 60kms from Tadvai. Once you get there there is another 7kms of hike to the water falls. What is interesting about this trip is that there were 3 dogs which lead our way to the hike as we don’t know the path. Great place to hike around and swim in the pond. Really refreshing swimming in the pond as and also nervous as this was only my second time.

Some of the places to see nearby are Laknavaram bridge,Bogotha waterfalls, Ramappa temple. I would suggest going to Ramappa temple on your return journey as other two places are heavily crowded. Great to see the architecture of the temple and the history around it. It is on the banks of big lake where you can go for a ride.

My Bogatha waterfalls trip with family, there are too many people here which I dont like that much:

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