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Does Technology really make our lives better?

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

anti technology

Before venturing into why it is that, the more we use technology the more we as a society will be enslaved by it, you can take a moment to consider some of the points Ted Kaczynski made in his manifesto "Industrial Society and Its Future", which is linked in the description to this video.

We do not endorse the actions of "The Unabomber" as he was called, but think it is worth examining the thoughts that inspired his actions.

A Few examples:


Having a look at current society it is very clear that huge populations can be swayed by a single piece of information, whether it is true or false, provided online. Whether that information is consumed through TV or internet "news", or as rumors via various social platforms, whole populations are stampeded in the direction which owners of the media desire, by being told what to fear, as so few have been taught how to gather information to think critically for themselves.

Even rational, credentialed authorities get cancelled now because they present ideas which do not support the financial and political aims targeted by those generating the official consensus.

One immediate case to illustrate this clearly is the exploitation of the COVID "pandemic" we are experiencing. Even though humans experience new viruses constantly, and the approaches used this time were useless in the face of a viral outbreak, the economy of the nation is brought to a halt, freedoms are curtailed, affecting huge percentage of population, and trillions of dollars worth of business flowed away from small businesses and directly into the hands of big businesses tied to government actors. Our citizens are simply too logically challenged to realize how pointless it was to wear a mask into a restaurant, but take it off once seated, only to have to put it on again to walk to the restroom.

Even now, after the WHO and the CDC and others have admitted it was all a lie, governments continue to try to mandate them from travel, and many people continue to wear them even without a mandate. The aftereffect of muzzeling debate has left citizens misled, confused and fearful.


Thirty years ago children and teenagers were more involved with socializing in person by learning together, communicating, sharing, fighting and compromising.

However, with the advancement of smartphones and the Internet, younger generations are more addicted to taking the self-created, either by parents or by themselves, comfort zone and avoiding the important aspects of socializing thus hindering their psychological development. Now tech oligarchs or the state can/is easily brainwash such minds with the content they manufacture and deliver through these phones, effectively isolating entire generations and their thoughts.

Also social media and entertainment causes lot of increase in dopamin levels creating false sense of accomplishments.


Technical advancements in the food sector have caused more problems than they have solved. While food is now available 24/7, the nutritional aspects of these items have decreased almost 90%, because of the combined effects of the introduction of monocultures, GMOs and all the pesticides. It also enabled overpopulation of compromised generations born with lots of health issues. Waters are contaminated with acidic chemicals, land fertility is depleted and now the food we eat is almost has no value for our health. Some of the genetic variations of these foods helped it to store for longer durations, but residual pest repellent are not good for our bodies. Now big corporations are making sure that only GMOs food can be sold or only such seeds can be used for cultivation. Also any steps taken by independent farmers opposing corporations destroying their livelihoods are isolated by these companies and such products are banned.

Online Dating:

Earlier communities were localized and even in citites, people got to know each other very well through friends and families schools, and the bonds established between two partners are very strong before marriage. However, with the advent of online dating services this skewed the partner-finding approach, exposing the hypergamous nature of women. The ratio of dating has become so bad that there is a famous rule called 80/20 rule where 80% of the women are dating only 20% of the men.

This basically means 80% of the men are left alone, causing severe psychological problem among men thus resulting in a low confidence population.

At the same time this is causing irrational and irresponsible behavior among women, preventing them from being able to bond with men.

Convenience, Security & Safety:

With the advent of internet and online banking , people are more likely to use these centralized services like internet banking, credit cards, PayPal, safety devices, etc. However, if any opinions raised by the individual go against the viewpoints of the corporate/state, such people are banned from using these services until that individual changes perspective.

Also with safety and security as a pretext, everything is social media is monitored "for our own sake" thus taking away our freedom and privacy. Slowly more encroachment policies are made by these companies further restricting sovereign freedom and privacy.


One can see in the above examples that technical advancement can lead to unhealthy food, decreased social bonding, increased psychological dysfunction, and the control of entire societies at the expense of safety and security, promiscuity, etc by selected few.

The primary reason people surrender to technology is that it provides an easy, cheap and comfortable way of doing things, without realising too much comfort leads to misery.

Now corporations and governments form a single unit where large groups of people can be controlled with propaganda generated by small teams organized by powerful people. The masses posses neither critical thinking, fully developed personalities, or the ability to sustain themselves.


It could be said that there are no solutions, only tradeoffs, costs, and benefits. It is up to the people who consume technology to be aware of the negative effects, and cautiously mitigate against them as much as they can. Social messaging can create the illusion of intimacy with others, but true intimacy occurs in person.

Machines carry us about from home to work and back, but out bodies still need to be worked to enhance health and happiness. So its better we spend more time in exercising, avoid online activities as much as possible, eat organic food, consume very less media/entertainment rather focus on meditation or personal hobbies. Actively avoid any form of technology as much as one can and have a critical mind.

In the future, the advent of decentralized technologies may prevent monolithic corporate and governmental entities from controlling and monitoring information, but until that time, it is up to the individual citizen to be perceptive when using networked technology, and make a conscious effort to avoid taking everything technology offers, because too much convenience is a real possibility that can make people fragile and frail.

The question one needs to ask is:

With technology, we created weak men, promiscuous non-feminine women, large population with low average health, society with little to no morals, low value architecture, centralised control, loss of freedom/privacy/truth. All the above comes with comfort of technology.

Without technology societies had:

Lot less people with better health, stronger masculine men, feminine women, society with values, more freedom and privacy, better money. It comes with cost of hardship.

For me the choice is clear, so chose wisely.

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