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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Trip date: 17-20 June, 2017. Zurich is one of the main cities and IT hub of Switzerland. Lot of tourists in this area as well and the is pricey as well. Swiss people generally are used to saying yes twice like yea yea, kind of cute in a way. Swiss police women are hot, those girls with tight uniforms, fair skin and blue eyes, irresistible :).

Instead of going to tourist spots do these scenic routes: Lucerne to Montreux --- this is about 3 hours For the below 2 trips better getup way early in the morning. Zermatt to St Moritz --- this is 8 hours, better reserve your spot Chur to Tirano --- around 5 hours. There is a pass you can get to do this, with Euro pass its free for me. I was surprised to see there are lot of software professionals in Zurich, met couple of them during the day. Slowly what I see is younger generations are moving away from eating meat as I was told by girl in the supermarket.

Zurich river cuts the old city and the new city. As you can see in the photo the left is the new city and the right is the old city.

Some Opera concert going on in the middle of the city. Apparently this happens once in a year, i guess i am lucky to witness.

Fraumunster church and view from the new city.

Central bank of Zurich that needs to be burned down as usual

The view of the city during the night is also pretty nice. As the sun goes down you can see lot of folks assemble near the Rhine river and hang out at the old city side. This is the happening place for most of the people.

On my last day I went to Lac leman which is very beautiful as it is closer to France border

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