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Trip date: 06 - 09 July, 2017. Didn't know that Berlin is the largest city in Germany. Berlin is the old capital of East Germany which Russians took over part of Germany after WW2. Few parts are very industrial and few parts are full of old architecture. Kind of nice and flavorful ;). Wherever communists are there the art, architecture, food, culture and wine turns into concrete house boxes. Places to visit are the Main Cathedral, Berlin wall, Museums, German parliamentDaucheBhan HeadQuarters,

Main Cathedral, majority of the folks hang around this place. You can see live performances here.

German Parliament

Apparently this is one of the main gate of berlin. Nepolean stole the crown of victoria.

Berlin wall

This place is super packed with people, its called Mustafa's Gemuse Kebap. I have not realized that this place is best place to get Donar kebab all of Berlin and my stay is just beside it. The wait can go up to 2 hours during the evening time and you can see the line. I met some italian couple who told me about this. And it is totally worth it, lots of stuff and huge, I think I had two of them :).

City Hall

TV tower behind the St Peter's church

This building is the headquarter of DaucheBhan transportation company. Almost all the subway and train system in Germany is run by this company.

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