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Freiburg, Germany

Trip date: June 11, 2017 Left from luxembourg the next day to visit Freigburg, Germany. Freiburg is a university town and is part of the black forest region. So obviously black forest cake is famous here. First time meeting Germans and they seems to keep to themselves. Met an interesting couple who invited me to their home for dinner. The home made food was awesome, the lady made sausages, potato salad and garlic sauce which are really great. Couple knew each other on their backpacking trip in Netherlands apparently, tried staying in touch however now I do not have contact of them.

I stayed at Spa-Hostel which is decent and it near the woods. Met couple of americans here who are also doing Europe trip however, were not able to keep in touch.


Walking near the hotel:

Just like in any other city, Freiburg is full of nice administrative buildings where you can see lot of people hanging around.

There is a small churche and food market near by. The architecture inside the church is as usual great and very peaceful. The streets are almost empty a nice to walk around. Here is the first time I had ice-cream. The taste is so good as you can feel the taste of the berries and fruits unlike what I used to eat in US.

This is the spot little bit away from the city center were lot of students from the university hang out. You can have beer and food and just watch people pass by, quiet relaxing.

The next day I went on to see Triberg, the place is less crowded and we did boat ride around the like.

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