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Ladakh Trip - Nubra Valley

Date: May 24st - May 27th, 2022.

On the 4th day I headed to Nubra Valley via the Khardhungla Pass. Unfortunately it snowed on the mountains on the last night so the motorcycles were not allowed to ride through the Pass for at least 5 hours. I had to personally wait for 3 hours to get the snow cleared out of the Pass. There are hundreds of bikers stickers at the check post where we were stopped. I had to stop frequently to warm my hands by touching the exhaust pipe as it gets pretty chill here and my gloves were not helping. Khardungla is this highest motorable pass in the world at the height of over 18000 ft, good to take photos at the Pass :). The views of the snow mountains are amazing at this place, so it's easy to see why it's such a favourite place for tourism.

Khardung La Pass

Nubra Valley

By around 6PM reached the Hunder, in Nubra Valley. The distance from Khardungla to Nubra Valley is around 30 Kms, and the road is really bad on the mountains. This is the first test for my motorcycle riding skills in the rocky area, so fellow riders please be patient while riding. As there are lots of tourists around Hunder, I would suggest on the other side of the river, like Sumur at least for a day, towards Siachen base camp as its more quiet and closer to nature. Again not lot of vegetation in Nubra Valley even though there is a river going through the area. The next day left to Turtuk and came back to visit the Monastery and Gompa at Diskit. On the 6th day I made a point to relax. I tried to explore the river but there was no more river as it's all dried up. Tourists generally ride the Bactrian camels and do ATV rides which were not meant for me. These camels get spooked easily if you honk your horn at them, so careful not to do that.


On the next day I went to Turtuk, a place regained by the Indian Army during 1971 war with Pakistan and very close to the border. I would suggest staying here for two nights as the views are amazing and lot of vegetation can be found in this small valley. Apparently in August lot of fruits are grown in this area. The road to Turtuk is lot of fun to ride as well, as they are better maintained and you can also see military camps/trucks passing most of the time. It passes through Syok War memorial place, you can see me standing on a rock at the memorial, good place to take some photos and have some tea.

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