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Ladakh Trip - Pangong Lake

Date: May 27st - May 29th, 2022.

I started the 7th day early, as I had long ride ahead of me to get to Pangong lake. At the Nubra petrol station filled the tank and also carried 5 litres of petrol more as there is no petrol station around 300kms from here. However, at Durbuk you can have locals selling petrol at a premium price so if in case you forgot you can still get petrol here.

Pangang Lake

The ride was great with gorgeous views of the lake. Apparently only 30% of the lake is in India and the rest is in China. One cannot drink the water as it is salty. On the way you can spot some of the wild animals like mules, horses, yacks, elk etc. I stayed at Merak where I barely saw any tourists, however a lot of them stay at Spangmik as the movie "3 idiots" was shot there. I stayed for 2 nights and enjoyed walking around the lake. I stayed at a homestay and you can take a look at the kitchen where they had various utensils made of impressive porcelain. The family served good meals with Chashul, a local drink to keep yourself warm.

Small Merak village at the bottom of the mountains to the left where I stayed:

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