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Munich, Germany

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Trip date: 23 - 29 June, 2017, Munich is like Brussels, big and impressive.Munich comes under

Bavarian region and it is one of the largest city in the south with lot of history. People smoke less cigarettes though. Germans are very binary, i mean you either encounter them as friendly or not friendly, no middle ground which is perfect for my personality. Initially i didn't understand why german take off their clothes when it is hot in the room instead of using AC. Apparently AC is bad for you so they prefer natural way of cooling :). I stayed with my friend Christian and very much appreciate it. We met in California when i gave carpool ride to some hike near by. Slowly we build our friendship and he also helped me a lot in this trip. Make sure that you try bavarian food, germans eat lot of food and drink lot of beer :). Munich is my favorite city so far in Europe.

Places to visit are: Marien Platz, GartnerPlatz, Residence Munich, Alte Pinakothek, Took dip in Isar river, Dachau concentration camp, beer gardens, Haufbrauhaus, BMW museum

Other cities close to visit are Fussen, Regensburg, Nuremberg, walzsburg

Marien Platz is the city main center and lot of events happening around the area. You can see lot of food stalls near by, street performers, favorite destination for tourists, couples hangout, dating meeting point, lot of bars, churches to see. Overall very impressive.

Peterkirche church is worth going visiting and make sure you climb up the church and have a good view of the city. Marin Platz is also visible from the top the church. The art work in the church is impressive too.

Residence Munich is definitely worth spending few hours to see the entire culture of Bavaria. The details in the architecture, various stages of the kingdom, emperors, their rooms, paintings on the ceilings, walls, jwellery, clothes, etc are so much breath taking that you would not want to leave the place.

These paintings are breath taking, it looks so real that you want to touch or eat them. The fabric detail, vivid colors, everything makes it so much real. No wonder Adolf Hilter banned abstract painting as they are mostly meaningless and add no value to the art.

BMW Museum, this is also a cool place to see how the BMW vehicles have changed their designs and engine over the period of time

Beer gardens are fun in Munich especially Haufbrauhaus is super packed and busy. If you want to have german beer better have it in open space. Many the richness of the beer, its so flavorful that I would never get hangover having it.The food is also amazing, the portions are bit and makes you feel heavy at the end of the meal. The entire vibe is completely different to that of US or Indian bar experience. Now I realize why europeans enjoy so much of their culture. Definitely must see places.

Dachau Concentration camp, apparently holocaust happened in this concentration camp as well. Oh btw you get arrested if you deny holocaust, makes you wonder how freedom of speech is restricted.

GartnerPlatz is another happening place, Since MarinPlatz is heavy on tourists, this is the place where you can meet locals and have beer. There are tons of restaurants here and they will show you a good time. There was some music festival when i visited and good to hang out.

Isar river runs through Munich and lot of spots to hang around this place. Either you can hang around in English Garden section of Isar river or any other place. Families, kids, teens, couples all sorts of people gather here to play, relax, have beer, BBQ, eat and just have pure joy. Love this place. I particularly liked this beer called Radler which is 2% alcohol and rest is lemon water. Its just amazing.

Theatine church is just simple and elegant, lot of temples you can see too much of detail and artwork however this is just known for its simplicity and yet you can see some parts full of imagination.

Another structure beside Residence Munich, to the right side you will see Asam church.

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